News Summary 9th January 2012 CES Begins

January 9, 2012 in Gaming, Technology

1) An update on the Microsoft fraud case from the weekend. The company has responded to the media and have offered victim Susan T a full refund of her charges. In a statement on the issue, Microsoft also vouched to improve their customer service to deal with future incidents better.

2) 3D printers are nothing new although the scaling down of them for home use is now a reality. Until now you would have had to email files to a specialist printing company to manufacture your 3D model. A company known as Cubify have announced a solution for the home at CES called Cube 3D.

3) YouTube continue with their site overhaul by introducing web based TV channels by announcing a deal that will benefit bloggers who can produce a specific amount of hours of programming each week. The aim is to make the public stay on YouTube longer and broadcast more advertisements which in turn should boost YouTube’s ad-stream revenue.

4) Samsung have announced SwipeIt, an app for Samsung smart phones which interacts with Samsung’s Smart TV product range. The user is able to “swipe” photos and videos from their phone over to their TV to share with the people sitting around them.

5) Lenovo a company well known for laptops, has revealed the world’s first TV running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The 55inch Idea TV K91 packs plenty of hardware and features over 100 in built apps.

6) Popular remote controlled company Parrot has unveiled the AR Drone 2.0. The successor lets users control a quadrocopter flying device with an upgraded 720p HD camera built in using their Android or iOS device. The AR Drone 2.0 is also more streamlined and features a reinforced chassis.

7) The famous iPad arcade dock the iCade obtains a new version. The new version supports landscape docking and ION have also announced a similar device for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

8) UK movie and TV fans can now grab hold of a one month free trial to streaming service Netflix. Offering you a range of content from various companies after an initial one month trial the service costs £5.99 per month. They offer HD content that adjusts to your internet bandwidth to avoid buffering issues. You can use it on multiple devices such as the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Wii, tablets and smart phones. UK competitor LoveFilm have retaliated by dropping their subscription rate down to £4.99 per month and have also announced new content deals from partners.

9) RFA Brands announce portable battery pack chargers in addition to the Powerbag. The Powerbag is a messenger bag with an in built internal battery to charge up to four devices simultaneously. The bag needs to be charged via a mains outlet although the adapter is supplied.

10) Toshiba deliver with their promise but do no favours to your wallet. The world’s first 55inch 4K HD resolution glasses free 3D LED TV is sitting comfortably on the CES show floor. A near invisible camera at the base tracks viewers movements to deliver the best angle 3D for up to 9 people (optimal viewing for 4 people) within the confines of a slim LED form factor. The 4K HD resolution is definitely the most stunning part as it shows us the future of television. To summarise 4K HD is four times the resolution of HD as we know it at 1920x1080p. The nail in the coffin is the price of $10,000 and will hit stores from around March 2012. Also disappointing is the lack of glasses free 3D TV generally so far unveiled by manufacturers. Not all announcements have been made yet so there is still a chance of it happening in 2012.

11) With this year’s new laptops and ultrabooks jumping on the USB 3.0 bandwagon, the USB Forum comittee have announced intentions to bring USB 3.0 down to the Micro USB form factor. The primary reason is faster charging speeds for smartphone and tablet devices although they have announced the Micro USB 3.0 will peak at 800mb/s transfer and not the raw 5gb/s capability.

12) Atmel MaXTouch S is announced as a new ultra thin touch screen panel. In simple terms you can expect smart phones and tablets to become on average 1mm thinner in 2012.

13) This week’s game charts go along with the new years resolution trend as fitness games leap up a few places. Just Dance 3 sticks at 4, Zumba Fitness leaps up from 19th to 6th place whilst its sequel Zumba Fitness 2 re-enters the top 40 at number 12. EA Sports Active 2 rounds off the fitness games with a re-entry at 20. At the top of the charts, FIFA 12 maintains first place whilst Battlefield 3 gets the leg up on COD MW3 this week as they switch places with Batlefield 3 taking second place and COD third.

14) Game legend Shigeru Miyamoto has announced in an interview that he is working on a brand new IP.

15) The PS Vita is set to get the biggest marketing campaign that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have ever launched. PlayStation Access are set to commence a UK tour of the PS Vita in the upcoming weeks to promote the new handheld. With a very strong launch line up all eyes are squared directly at Sony to see how the Western market will react after a rough launch in Japan.

16) UK games retailer GAME is now offering free WiFi connectivity in a range of stores across the UK. Click Here for a list of stores.

17) The Apple iPhone was introduced to the world 5 years ago today.

18) Call of Duty fans subscribed to the Elite premium service will be able to sign and and control their characters using a new iOS app launching tomorrow.

19) The popularity of wireless SD Card company EyeFi has prompted the official committee to announce the Wireless LAN SD Standard. They are hoping for it to become a standard feature amongst memory manufacturers and allow consumers to transfer images and videos over WiFi without connecting their cameras and other devices to their computers.

20) Intel’s new range of chip sets codenamed Ivy Bridge will feature NFC functionality. This means you will be able to make payments by having your laptop scanned.

21) Intel have announced a total of 75 Ultrabooks launching in 2012 with 50% of them offering screen sizes of 14 and 15 inches. If you enjoy the slim form factor and big performance of current ultrabooks you will now have the option to purchase them at bigger screen sizes.

22) These ultrabooks may also feature voice recognition as Intel announce a partnership with voice recognition firm Nuance.

23) An iOS developer has taken one of the new features of Android 4.0 and ported it over to iPhone. The face unlock screen allows users to unlock their phone with facial recognition will be released by a developer on the iOS store soon. The app is called FaceUnlock.

24) Intel show off Nikiski prototype which features a touch screen on the underside of a laptop to use it as a tablet when closed. It is a cool idea although the practicality is still debatable.

25) Sharp announce world’s first 80 inch 3D TV LC-80LE844U which will retail for $6499 from April 2012. In addition they have also announced an 80 inch touchscreen TV for boardroom and collaboration use which will retail for near $14,000.

26) Sony unveil the Xperia Ion the first phone which shows the separation of the venture between Sony and Ericsson. The specs include a 4.6 inch 720p HD touchscreen, 12mp rear camera with exmor r sensor, a front 1.3mp camera, 1.5ghz dual core CPU and 16GB internal memory. It is also a “PlayStation certified device” It is set for a Q2 release although with Gingerbread not Ice Cream Sandwich for now.

27) RIM launch BlackBerry OS 7.1 update. Apps which will see an update include BBM, BB traffic, BB Travel, Universal Search, Mobile Hotspot, WiFi calling, FM Radio, BB Maps and the introduction of NFC by means of BB Tag. Firmware roll-out begins today so expect an update soon.

28) Asus plan on unveiling the Pad Phone at Mobile World Congress next month. The device allows you to place your phone into a tablet.